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Whether your requirements are local, worldwide, or in an operational theater, our logistics and supply chain professionals bring solid military and commercial expertise to assist mission execution. From forecasting, production planning, and technical data management, to inventory management and disposal, we understand Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and the importance of of each element for best-in-class system acquisition and sustainment. Our approach to provisioning and maintenance of critical equipment systems within fiscal and resource constraints is both strategic (enterprise wide) and tactical (day-to-day operations). ALC specializes in modernization that supports joint interoperability, integration, and flexibility for our customers.

ALC brings particular expertise in supporting the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) in critical worldwide land, maritime, aviation, troop support and medical logistics operations spanning the entire asset lifecycle.

We have also earned recognition from the US Marine Corps for our support of major logistics programs including the Reset and Reconstitution of ground and C4I assets, and management of the USMC Logistics Command’s Enterprise Lifecycle Management Program (ELMP).  Read more

ALC members received several letters of commendation from the various program managers testifying to the instrumental support they have received […] citing the timeliness and accuracy of their products and the value of its content, which is suitable and relevant for distribution throughout the logistics community in the Command and to higher headquarters.

Customer CPARS, USMC
Reset and Reconstitution Support Contract

Logistics Plans, Management, and Related Services

  • Agile Logistics

  • Integrated Logistics Support

  • Distribution Planning

  • Provisioning

  • Sustainment

  • Storage and Inventory Management

  • Issue/Receipt

  • Product Support Requests

  • Cataloging Action Requests

  • Technical Data Management

  • Configuration Management

  • Disposal

  • Training

  •  Read more

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Founded in 2008, ALC is a veteran-owned, small disadvantaged business specializing in the entire acquisition-logistics lifecycle.

We focus on efficiency, life-cycle costs, risk management, technology integration, communication, and best-in-industry practices, processes, and tools.

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