program Management

ALC brings expertise in all areas of program management for a variety of clients. From major FAA R&D programs to US Marine Corps operations, we manage a program’s entire life-cycle—from inception and acquisition, to development and deployment, and to operations and maintenance.

Either at the project level or enterprise-level, we provide the talent, the tools, and the processes for effective management oversight, budgeting, and reporting in resource-constrained environments...  Read more

Logistics and Supply Chain Support

Whether your requirements are local, worldwide, or in theater, our logistics and supply chain professionals bring solid military and commercial expertise to operations. From forecasting, production planning, and technical data management to inventory management and disposal, we understand the required processes and interactions for best-in-class planning and management.

Our approach to provisioning and sustainment of critical equipment systems within fiscal...  Read more

Acquisition Support

ALC offers deep subject matter expertise in the full acquisition support life cycle. We work within the framework of the Federal Acquisition Regulations, the Defense Acquisition Regulations, and FAA’s Acquisition Management System (AMS).

Our team of highly-skilled professionals offer 360- degree solutions to verify and validate functional, technical and contractual requirements that meet the cost, scheduling and strategic objectives objectives of our customers. Specifically, we provide...  Read more

engineering Support

The Acquisition Logistics Company provides engineering and technical services to support industrial and mechanical design, acquisition management, technical data management, and process engineering — a natural complement to our other support services.

We are focused on technology and product development and maintenance, turning our client’s requirements into operating, sustainable solutions.  Read more

Technology Integration

ALC assists clients in designing, developing, and implementing technology and processes to enable efficient data capture, archival, analysis and distribution. We synchronize technology to align with our client’s mission and business strategy — as a discrete service or as a comprehensive, enterprise solution.

We build and tailor solutions, ensuring that the right data reaches the right people at the right time. From requirements definition to architecture, and testing to deployment and beyond...  Read more

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Founded in 2008, ALC is a veteran-owned, small disadvantaged business specializing in the entire acquisition-logistics lifecycle.

We focus on efficiency, life-cycle costs, risk management, technology integration, communication, and best-in-industry practices, processes, and tools.

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