Quality Assurance Plan




The Acquisition Logistics Company provides a senior staff with Project Management Professional and Six Sigma Black Belt credentials for the quality control of Seaport-e tasks. In addition, our team members offer certifications in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2000, 9001:2008, and 14001:2004, Occupational Health & Safety Advisory Services (OHSAS) 18001:1999 and the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).


Quality Control Plan


Our Quality Control Plan relies upon an enterprise approach to ensuring quality throughout the various aspects of managing the tasks. Our Quality Control System provides the framework that allows us to further tailor specific activities as appropriate to the task. This framework accounts for the necessity to ensure our personnel are qualified and positioned to succeed, that schedules and deliverables are closely managed, and provides a mechanism to identify discrepancies and communicate with the project stakeholders. This will include various reports, reviews and quality audits, including ongoing and periodic unannounced audits, and scheduled, formal project process audits. Highlights of the plan are provided below:


Planning: We will establish procedures to ensure the quality of our efforts include specifying responsible individuals, effective work processes, and quality oversight of products submitted.


Process Controls: At the initiation of support efforts we will establish checklists, process models, and templates for the major tasks assigned.


Project Tracking: We will maintain records of tasks received and products submitted.


Product Audits/Reviews: The PM will ensure adequate management of workload assigned and products submitted through surveys, desk audits, and customer feedback.


Corrective Action Plans: When necessary, the PM will document quality shortfalls, develop and implement solutions, analyze results, and monitor improvements.


Progress Briefings: On a periodic basis, the Acquisition Logistics Team’s staff will meet with the customer staff to discuss tasking, results, and level of satisfaction with our efforts.


Reporting: The Acquisition Logistics Team will provide reports documenting the major tasks assigned and completed and the results of any Quality Assurance reviews.


Guaranteed Responsiveness and Cooperation


The Acquisition Logistics Company wants to build long term relationships with our customers built on open, honest, straight-forward, and frequent communication. We intend to continually coordinate with our customers, keep them advised on project status, and obtain feedback. We will reach out to our customers through email, telephone, and site visits to conduct client assessments and discuss performance. Our Project Management Plans, Quality Plans, Risk Plans, and corporate culture are designed to ensure that Customer Satisfaction is our most important deliverable.


Project Monitoring and Control


The Acquisition Logistics management staff is charged to ensure that all tasks are completed on schedule, meet contract quality requirements, and are within the overall contract ceiling price.  Utilizing workload assignment records and customer input as well as internal MS Access and Project based tools, our team will maintain oversight of work in progress and will collect production statistics. We will develop and maintain a detailed time-phased project plan which we will use to calculate key project health indicators such as budgeted cost of work performed (BCWP), actual cost of work performed (ACWP), and estimates of project cost at completion (EAC).


Technical Ability


We will ensure that our candidates are qualified, available when needed, and positioned to be successful. In addition, the individual’s performance plan will be tied to the success factors established early on for task requirements. In this way, meeting contract goals, objectives, and priorities becomes our employee’s highest priority and ensures overall program success. As appropriate, we will establish a project reference library with tools to assist team members in the performance of tasks. The material will include standard operating procedures, checklists and process models, and regulatory guidance and policies.


Risk Management


The Acquisition Logistics Company will minimize problems affecting project delivery by managing risk to anticipate events that will impact our performance utilizing methodologies defined by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Risk Management Model and the Project Management Institute (PMI). These methodologies establish an aggressive, structured approach for the early identification, tracking, and mitigation of risks across a six step process: Risk Management Planning - Risk Identification – Qualitative Risk Analysis - Quantitative Risk Analysis - Risk Response Planning - Risk Monitoring and Control.  This provides us the visibility required to identify problems early in the project, thereby allowing the development, tracking, and control of effective management and mitigation strategies.


Employee Performance Issues


The Acquisition Logistics Company takes a proactive and tiered approach to confronting and resolving personnel performance issues. This means confronting and resolving issues at the lowest level and addressing concerns immediately. In most cases, we are able to resolve identified issues at the lowest administrative level by supporting and empowering the immediate supervisor. If necessary, the issue and background are provided to the PM or corporate staff who will discuss the findings with both the supervisor and the individual. In all cases, the issues will be thoroughly discussed and worked to an adequate solution whether it involves taking no action, counseling the individual, performance improvement plans, or termination