IVIS Public Sector Consulting


Functional Area - 3.11 Quality Assurance (QA) Support


Zone 4:  IVIS supports the US Army at Fort Sam Houston with the quality assurance of procurement and acquisition activities.  IVIS conducts and documents and prepares reviews of contract documents. They maintain organized physical files of all unauthorized commitments, pending and closed, in a centralized location.  They maintain a suspense system to ensure compliance with unauthorized commitments program timelines; obtaining required documentation, setting suspense dates and monitoring due dates on individual unauthorized commitments.


Functional Area - 3.18


Zone 2:  IVIS supports the Missile Defense Agency with contracting training support to the MDA Acquisition Management Team. This involves providing overall consultation with all acquisition related functions as they relate to the contracting, training and education mission. IVISPSC works with MDA Contracting personnel and supports the training division in concert with acquisition priorities to identify topics, course content, and delivery method. Efforts culminate in course development and delivery by optimum mode determined by audience size, geography and means available.

Zone 4:  IVIS supports the Air Force Medical Services Agency with training requirements. Tasks include writing training materials for resiliency training program, development of curricula with subject matter expert support and training select facility development staff to conduct coaching services and leadership development curricula. They teach and coach trainee staff to apply appropriate resiliency skills and behavior observation to improve military training instructor core competencies in the area of resiliency in the Air Force 12-targets.