Executive Staff


The Acquisition Logistics Company has assembled a team of dedicated and talented individuals who provide the utmost in corporate and project management.


Mr. Ken Wagner  -  President and CEO


Mr. Ken Wagner, a retired senior Naval Flight Officer, has specialized experience managing the flow of materials through worldwide distribution networks.  His 35 years of operations management experience includes serving as a Systems Engineer, Project Manager, Procurement Manager, and Lead Systems Integrator for the military, consulting firms, and several major OEMs.


Mr. James White  -  Business Development


Mr. White is a retired senior U.S. Air Force Officer with over 40 years of experience supporting the military services, DoD Agencies, and the Defense Industry.  He previously managed personnel resources for international acquisition and logistics organizations to include positions with the Defense Commissary Agency (Director of Personnel) and the Defense Logistics Agency (Director of Military Personnel). Mr. White has many years of success in the development and growth of small businesses including operations both in the United States and abroad.


Mr. Doug Blake  -  Operations


Mr. Doug Blake is a retired senior U.S. Army Quartermaster Officer who possesses extensive acquisition experience with the Defense Logistics Agency, the Defense Contract Management Agency, NATO, the US Army Test and Evaluation Command, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense.


Mr. Dabney Short  -  Acquisition Programs & Training


Mr. Dabney Short brings decades of experience as a senior warranted contracting officer with  in-depth experience providing curriculum development and instructor led training for a wide range of logistics, acquisition and supply chain topics.  Mr. Short has developed and led courses at the U.S. Army Logistics Management College (ALMC), the Richard Bland College, the College of William & Mary, the Treasury Acquisition Institute (TAI), the IRS, the US Border Patrol and Immigration Service, the General Services Administration Training Center, and the US Army Training and Doctrine Command.


Mr. Jay Manning – Legal Council and Contract Management


Mr. Manning is a retired senior US Army Judge Advocate with over 40 years of legal experience in the areas of contract, commercial, and procurement law. He previously served as a legal advisor to senior executives and contracting officers at installations, major commands, and Department of Defense (DoD) organizations.  His duty assignments include the Defense Commissary Agency, the US Army Missile Command, the US Army Health Services Command, and the Office of the Secretary of the Army.